The 12 Ninja Days of Christmas

While shopping during Christmas my kids and I decided to start a new version of the old classic song. Here are the 12-days listed for your singing pleasure… with apologies to my ninjitsu friends — this is all in good humor.

On the first day of Christmas my Sensei gave to me…

  • A Ninja star on the Christmas tree
  • Two short swords
  • Three sharp sais
  • Four black scarves
  • Five caltrops
  • Six pair of nunchakus
  • Seven grappling hooks
  • Eight smoke bombs
  • Nine throwing knives
  • Ten fighting sticks
  • Eleven blow guns
  • Twelve poison darts

Kids: Academic And Emotional Benefits Of Martial Arts

On paper, Jordan Schreiber is a martial arts teacher, but his real goal is far broader. By shaping the social and emotional lives of his students, he hopes to prepare them for successful lives outside the tae kwon do studio and in the classroom.

The academic benefits of social and emotional learning are well established by now, and they’re no less germane in a martial arts studio. Schreiber says that as his students learn to recognize and manage their emotions, care about others, make good decisions, behave ethically and responsibly, develop positive relationships, and avoid negative behaviors through tae kwon do, they also improve dramatically in the classroom.

Indeed, with the ability to self-regulate comes the ability to focus and take in new information that’s vital for academic success. For that matter, establishing a goal for the week is as important as learning a proper stance. Schreiber rewards equally academic achievements outside the studio and physical achievements within. He follows up the students’ martial arts sequences with discussions on the meaning of success.

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The Name Trap

Recently, my children’s school started going through a series of talks to protect themselves and others. These are based on a series of traps that criminals, rapists, and pedophiles use to harm people. I will be posting a series of articles related to these “traps”. And, if you’re an adult, do not think that you’re exempt — use your brain — adults can benefit from learning how to protect themselves from these traps too.

The Name Trap is where someone uses your or your child’s name to get their attention, divert their concentration, and gain a subtle form of trust. How do they get your name? For kids it could be name tags that are inadvertently left on or a sport shirt with their name on back. For adults, it could be someone seeing a name tag, glancing at your check in a grocery store line, luggage tag, or more.

The trap then goes something like this:
“Hey (your name), your mom told me to come pick you up. She had an accident at home and had to go to the hospital.”

Notice, the name gets the attention and the “emergency” gets the emotions in gear. When strong emotions kick in, your brain can go out the window. Teach your child to stop and find an adult they know. Do not get close to someone you do not know. Unfortunately, nowadays this includes people dressed in uniforms too. There is a certain amount of authority that comes with seeing someone in a uniform, be it police, service repairmen, or the like. There is often a name tag on the uniformed person, but that is often fake.

This is only one of many subtle traps. Remember, go immediately to someone you know. Tell them about the person you just encountered. If they are in a car, do not get within reach of it. If the person starts to get out of the car, run to someone you know or a crowded place.

There will be more posts like this coming over the days ahead so read and learn. Above all — use your brain!

Martial Arts Poll

Martial Arts Mistakes Can Happen To Anyone

Ah yes, I remember the time I was taken out by a green-belt with a spinning back-fist. Oh, and this was after I showed him the correct way to do it! Ha!

Here Are Some Guys That Did Not Use Their Brains

Wing Chun – The Art of Sticky Hands (Video)

If you have ever wondered why Wing Chun Kung Fu is called sticky or sticking hands, here is a good example. These practitioners have an amazing amount of upper body strength. A deflecting block turned into a pull can easily upset and unbalance the most mature fighters.

Enjoy this little demo.